Watching movies on smartphones while traveling is very practical. However, watching movies on a small screen even when you can watch it on a big screen is impractical. If you are at home and wish to watch the movie either stored on the PC or anywhere, you can watch it on the big screen of your PC. And for the smooth running and a friendly environment, you can use MX Player on your PC. Since MX Player is not restricted to a particular platform, you can use it on your PC as well. Keep reading this tutorial to learn about how to use MX Player for PC.

mx player for pc

Some of the worth mentioning features of MX Player are listed below:

1. You can run videos of 4K quality using MX Player provided that you have an output hardware (monitor) which can display 4K quality.

2. Adjusting the brightness and the volume on mx player while watching a video is quite simple. It has gesture like commands which allow you to adjust the brightness and volume without disturbing the video you are watching.

3. MX Player supports low as well as high-quality files. Hence, you need not worry about compatibility of a video on MX Player.

4. You can download the subtitles of a particular video or movie from the internet from this media player itself. It will search or the subtitles and provide with the available options for you to choose from.

The official app for MX Player for PC is not yet released. Hence, you will have to make use of an Android emulator to run MX Player on your PC. There are some minimum hardware requirements which must be met before you start with the process of downloading and running MX Player on your PC.

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Some Prerequisites:

1. Your Computer must be running Windows 7 or higher.
2. ARM v5TE and higher.
3. MIPS32 rev.2 or higher.
4. Intel x86 or higher.

(No 2,3 and 4 are codec files, don’t think much about them if you already don’t know much, keep reading.)

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How to download MX Player for PC

Now, since we know about the minimum system requirements to run MX Player on your PC, let’s discuss the steps involved in this method.

Step 1- Download and install an Android emulator. Here, we are going to use Bluestacks Android emulator. There are many other Android emulators available too.

Download BlueStacks

Step 2- Once you have successfully installed the Android emulator on your PC, launch it.

Step 3– Once the emulator is launched successfully, you will notice a search box. Here, you have to type ‘MX Player’ into it and hit Enter.

Step 4- Now, click on the MX Player icon from the search list to install it from the Google Play Store.

Step 5- When the page of Google Play Store opens, click on the ‘Install’ option to initiate the downloading process.

Step 6- Once MX Player is downloaded and installed successfully on your PC, you will notice an icon generated on the home page of Bluestacks Android emulator.

Step 7- To launch this media player on your PC, double-click on this icon on Bluestacks Android emulator. Once launched, you can begin using it as you use it on your smartphone.

An alternative method to download MX Player for PC.

This is one way of installing MX Player on your PC. However, there is another method using which you can install MX Player on your PC. The steps of this alternative method are the following.

Step 1- Download and install an Android emulator on your PC. (The Download link of bluestacks emulator is available above).

Step 2- Once the Android emulator is successfully installed, download the MX Player APK on your PC from its official website.

Download MX Player APK

Step 3- Now, navigate to the location where you have downloaded the APK of MX Player. Look for the APK in the list and once you find it, right-click it. Then, select ‘Open with’ from the drop-down box. Here, you can select Bluestacks from the context menu.

Step 4- The installation of MX Player will begin once you find the icon of Bluestacks and click on it. Once MX Player gets successfully installed, you will notice an icon generated on the home page of your emulator.

Step 5- To launch MX Player on your PC, double-click on this icon. You can now enjoy all the features provided by MX Player on your PC.

You can use the above method for other Android emulators too. The only difference will be in the step where you need to choose Bluestacks to initiate the installation process. In place of Bluestacks, you need to select the Android emulator which you wish to choose.

This is all you need to know about MX Player for PC. For using MX Player on your PC, either of the steps mentioned above will do the job. If you have any queries, then please let us know about them in the comments section below.

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