We have shared latest mx player custom codec files on this page, you can download these codec files to fix mx player no audio or no video issue. You will find the download links at the middle of this page, however, we recommend you to read this entire page as you will learn some important info which you should know about mx player codec.

mx player codec

MX Player is a media player which is used across the world for playing videos and movies. The developers of this media player claim that it is compatible with almost every video format. This is due to the various codecs which are provided along with MX Player. However, in the recent updates, some of the codecs have been removed resulting in audio and video error while playing some videos.

The purpose of the codecs is to compress and decompress audio and video files. Hence, if a video requires a particular codec which is not available at the moment, you will face some compatibility issues, and either the video will not be played, or the audio will not be supported. In these cases, you will need to download and install mx player custom codec files manually. We have shared those files in this page.

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How to Download MX Player Codec File

You can solve mx player media playback errors by downloading the codecs which are required to play a particular video smoothly. The steps involved are relatively easy to understand and execute. So let’s look at the different methods to download and install a codec in your MX Player.

First Download and Then Install The Codec Files

In this method, first we will be downloading the codec and then apply it in MX Player. The steps involved in this method are the following.

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your device and type ‘https://mxplayerdownload.co/mx-player-custom-codec-download‘ this link in the search bar and hit ‘Enter.’

Step 2- From here, download the specific codec which is required to run your video smoothly, or you can download all the codecs available at once to avoid any further error. (Look for the one file named MX_AIO.zip; that’s the all codec file.)

Step 3- Now, launch the MX Player app, and it will automatically detect that a codec has been downloaded and stored. If the codec which you have downloaded from the internet are compatible with the MX Player, you will be asked for the permission to install it. To initiate the installation, click on ‘OK’ in the dialog box present on your screen.

The MX Player app will restart, and your downloaded codec will be applied. You can now watch the video fluently which was not possible earlier when the required codec was missing.

Note: if you find this method is not working then just make sure you have kept the codec file in your phones internal storage folder and not on your SD card.

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Another Method to Install MX Player Codec

This method is more like an extension of the previous method. Here, we will be discussing the steps which you need to execute if MX Player is unable to scan and detect the downloaded codec in the storage automatically.

If you are starting fresh, the first two steps which include the link from where one can download various codecs will remain the same. The proceeding steps are as follows:

Step 1- Launch the MX Player app on your smartphone.

Step 2- Then, navigate to MX Player Settings >> decoder >> general >> custom codec.

Step 3- You will notice that a dialog box has appeared on your screen. You can use this dialog box to navigate to the location where you have downloaded the codec from the website mentioned above or any other website. Then, go to the location where the file is located and click on it.

If the file which you have selected is compatible with the MX Player app then, the app will restart to make the necessary changes. Once the changes are made, you can watch your video without facing any audio or video error.

An alternative solution to solve the missing codec issue is:

Apart from all the solutions, there is an app with the name ‘AC3 Player‘ which has all the codecs available. This means that you will never face any kind of compatibility error while playing any video from any format. Using this app will cut down the efforts required to download and install different codecs in MX Player.

Final Conclusion

Using the above methods, you can successfully download and install the missing codecs in MX Player. If you face any kind of issue while downloading or installing the codec on your smartphone, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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