MX Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec (Apk & Zip) Download

MX Player is the best video player available on Planet Earth (I can’t tell about Mars;-)). It can play the maximum types of media files, with excellent sound and video quality. The gesture feature is one of the coolest features of MX Player. Overall, MX Player is the player which is loved by all and known to every Android enthusiast. However, With the new update, the developers have removed some existing codecs.

As a consequence, now you can’t play Dolby sound videos and AC3 audio on MX Player by default. However you can manually download the necessary MX Player Codecs to play those type of files, all the MX Player Codec are available below. You Can Also Download MX Player APK/MX Player Pro Apk and Download MX Player for PC from these links.

Fix MX Player AC3 Audio Issue Image

In order to rectify the problem, now you have to download and add the required codec pack to MX Player manually. You can go to MX Player Settings> Decoder> Custom Codec, to check which codec you need on MX Player. If you’re only having the problem with AC3 audio you can download the AC3 codec pack from the links given below and if you want to install all codec pack, then you can do that also.

By installing All codec packs, you will be able to play audio on any video, without any problem because the codec doesn’t only include the AC3 support, but all the other requirements. I think you can see the download links of MX Player All Codec Packs, MX Player AC3 codec and all other codecs are available on this page.

MX Player Custom Codec Apk Files Download

Download MX Player Codec Apk for Android 2.3 – 5.1

Download MX Player Codec Apk for Android 6+

Just download the Required Codec from Above and Install it, as it’s apk file you don’t need to do anything else. However, If you need MX Player Codec Zip Files You can Download those from the links below.

MX Player Custom Codec Zip Files Download

Custom Codec for MX Player 1.7.39-40

Custom Codec for MX Player 1.8.0-1.8.4

Custom Codec for MX Player 1.8.6+

Below I have written the step by step guide on how to install these codec files on your phone, Just follow follow any of those two methods. After downloading, move the files to the phone, if you have downloaded from PC, via USB or Bluetooth. Now follow any one mx player custom codec installation method from below.

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Installation Method 1

  • If you have the zip file in internal storage (in download or Bluetooth section), then keep it there only.
  • Now open the MX player, if it is compatible with the codec pack you have installed, it will automatically say to install the codec pack found in the storage. Just click ok.
  • The MX player will restart, and the pack will be installed. Now you can enjoy audio to every video, without any glitch.

PS. If you own a Mac or iOS device then do check these Guides- Download MX Player for MACDownload MX Player for iOS.

Installation Method 2

  • Open MX Player on your smartphone.
  • Open settings >decoder >custom codec.
  • A dialog box will appear for the navigation of the codec pack. Now open the folder in which the codec pack is installed through. You will see the zip file, click on it.
  • If you have selected the right zip file, MX Player will restart.

For multiple codec files, it will install the required codec automatically from all the codec in the ZIP file. It will restart afterward you can play AC3 audio on MX Player without any problem.

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After you have installed the codec, you can check that by going to help, and checking about section. Now enjoy every audio and video clip, without any  AC3 problem on your MX Player. If you have any problem in installation, do leave a comment, and we will be happy to help you out as soon as possible.

MX Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec (Apk & Zip) Download
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50 thoughts on “MX Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec (Apk & Zip) Download

  1. Thank you so much. İ was shocked when my old 1.7.32 version didn’t work. been a little afraid because i love listening to ac3 and DTS codec on my phone. TheY’rereally decent audio formats and That’s why they strict the use of them for free.

  2. I installed mx player pro and it needs 1.8.4 armv7 neon codec. I can’t find this codec. Kindly guide

    1. K Venkatraman, We have uploaded the latest version of armv7 neon codec for mx player (1.8.4) , you can download it now.

      1. Hello sir i had download latest version 1.4.8
        Download is ok but not install my mobike galaxy j7 please help me sir

  3. I installed Armv7 neon 1.8 codes and when I install it this says th there was a problem in parsing the package

  4. Same problem here: I installed Armv7 neon 1.8 codes and when I install it this says th there was a problem in parsing the package.
    Need advice. Tks.

  5. MX player in my phone having a problem that it is not initializing the video…..if i touch any option within it then it starts…..please tell me how to resilve it.

  6. Im having problems with some cams and videos haing a horrible loud tinny sound and cant understand anything I have all the codec installed and most work fine but whats up with that ? Im on a note 5 can it be knoxx

  7. my smartphone (wiko fever SE android 6.0) wants codec 1.8.6 armv7 neon as custom codec when I try to give him other codec…

  8. I installed all the zip file but it asked for ARMV7NEON 1.8.6 Where did I find it kindly help me pls…

  9. my mx player says
    req codec ver 1.8.4 or later
    i downlodaed 1.8.4 as well as 1.8.6 from here
    none of these installed.. saying problem in parsing the packege
    solve plzz

  10. I only see APK files, not zip files, available to download. MX Player only recognizes zip files if installing the codecs through the app. If I install the APK file after downloading, it doesn’t help. It says it installs but I still can’t play anything with AC3 audio. If I can’t get it to work I’ll have to use VLC.

    1. Hey Sorry , But we ware having some issue with the file hosting company.

      All the codecs are available for download, Download the one you want.

      Have a good dat JD 🙂

      1. YES! SUCCESS!
        The new zip files work perfectly and the audio sounds better than VLC.
        THANK YOU!

    1. Download the codec for your mx player from this page, Read the page carefully you will understand yourself.

  11. This isn’t working for me and I don’t see any links for the zip file. I need the 1.8.* version for MX Player with Marshmallow so I downloaded the apk and installed it, and it installed seemingly successfully but MX Player still says No AC3 Audio when I play a movie. Come on, wth is up with this? Where is the zip? I’d rather just do it manually.

    1. Sorry for your issue, We have included the mx player codec zip files download links. You can download the codec now.

    1. You have to download the necessary codec from above. Read the post carefully you will understand the whole process.

  12. I cant downlaod the codec for my samsung galaxy s7 edge
    . I am facing ac3 audio prob and these codecs are not starting downloading. Please help.

    1. Hi! I am also using galaxy s7 edge and mine worked after few attempts.
      Go to your mx player and tap the (three dots) tap “help” then “about” to check your player version (mine is Version 1.8.9 (ARMv7 NEON).

      Go back to this page and download and go to the “zip files downloads” then download the zip files related to your player version. I downloaded all the ARMv7 Neon.

      Then go ahead and open your mx player again. It will ask you to install the codec (i think). Tap “ok”, and the player will restart. Wait for a few seconds for the player to reopen by itself. Play the video you were having trouble with.

      Delete the zip files from your device’s download folder.

      That’s what i did and mine worked. I hope this helps.

  13. I gotta tell this..
    I thought it wouldn’t work after the .apks i downloaded didn’t. So i checked my player version and then downloaded the .zips. that did it! Haha.. thanks.

  14. Thank you sooooooo much… It’s solved now.. Thank you for the help. Its so helpful.. 👍

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