Why is MX Player the Best Android Video Player?

Are you searching for the best video player for Android? If you have a yes, your quest ends here! I have been using MX Player since I became an Android user and, it never got me any reason to uninstall the app and neither did I find any other video player, which can outperform it. In this article, I am sharing a few reasons why MX Player is the best video player for Android.

There are plenty of features on MX Player and, as a user you have your own reasons for keep on using it. Here are mine. (Download MX Player Apk)

#1. Extensive Video Format Support

Why did I opt for a third-party Android player given I have one in-house choice? Yes, Due to the lack of video format support!

Most of the Android players support the main stream formats only like 3GP and MP4. When you get an MKV file, you have to transfer the same to your computer to view it if you aren’t an MX Player user. MX Player supports more than 10 different video file types. The hardware encoder feature is a useful feature that decreases the battery usage for better backup.

PS. According to last update MX Player don’t support AC3 and DTS Audio Format by default, However you can download the MX Player Codecs from here and everything will become smooth as silk.

#2. Supports Subtitles

Most of us love watching videos with subtitles. If you think it is not possible on your Android device, you are wrong. MX Player supports most of the subtitle formats and, you can even download from the web. The best thing about subtitles on MX Player is you can move it to any position on the screen you want. (You may not be able to do it even on the PC). For more info about using Subtitles on MX Player you can check this page: Open, Download and Adjust Movie Subtitles on MX Player.

#3. You can Stream from the Web


We don’t love watching videos on the mobile browser, do we? As far as I am concerned, the browser ambiance doesn’t provide the full screen experience of a dedicated video player. In such a scenario, you should use MX Player to stream videos from the web.

You can stream network video content in two ways. On tapping the stream link, your device will fetch you a list of apps to play the media. Or you can directly play the web video after choosing the appropriate option from the interface.

#4. Double the Volume Feature


As I said earlier, MX Player offers different hardware encoders like H/W, S/W and, H/W+. Based on your device and codec version, you may get more encoders as well. In some encoders, you can play videos in two times the default volume. We do carry around our mobiles and, sometimes we have to play videos in a noisy environment. Doubling the volume will help in such circumstances. But I recommend you don’t use it too often for it may effect your mobile’s speakers.

#5. Background Playback

Say you want to play the video in background so that you can listen to the audio. Just tap and hold on the play button. Now, the background playback has been turned on that you can press on the home button to enjoy it.

Wrapping Up

Isn’t MX Player the best video player for Android? If you have any other personal preference, let me know in the comment section down below. And, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.